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Welcome to CakeFace Makeup by Merium Bhuiyan - Beyond Makeup: a personalised lifestyle and beauty service operating across the UK and Middle East. Merium founded CakeFace Makeup in 2012 in London after training at the London College of Fashion.

CakeFace Makeup is a dynamic lifestyle and beauty brand with a unique approach. It uses creative and exciting techniques in all things beauty, education and business. Merium Bhuiyan is a director, makeup artist and consultant for CakeFace Makeup.

Merium strongly believes in empowerment and defining own standards of success. She strives to enhance both inner and outer beauty in a fast-moving world. She does this by using her brand as an uplifting tool to reach out to women around the world and to educate and inspire communities.

Merium is also known for her interest in fashion and blogging. She spends her free time in consulting roles for several charities in order to give back to the community.



CakeFace Makeup is a dynamic lifestyle and beauty brand focusing on enhancing both inner and outer beauty. It provides a range of Bridal, Occasion, Tutorial, Workshop, Photoshoot and CakeFace+ services.

Merium prepares brides in looking their absolute best on the wedding day and applies natural-looking, full makeup that looks flawless in all lighting and photography.

Merium provides makeup for special events including applying false lashes, smokey eyes and red lips as per client instruction. This includes makeup for special events, parties and interviews.

Merium provides makeovers for men and women for both on and off stage. She applies long lasting makeup that looks good close up and from a distance.

Merium helps clients use their own makeup and brushes to enhance their features and look like the best version of themselves in a way that is stylish and current for a variety of situations from work to leisure.

Merium provides a space for clients to come and learn about makeup and gain insight into tips and tricks as well as how to apply makeup on themselves and others. Clients learn about skincare, hygiene, brush and product maintenance, colour correction techniques, highlighting and contouring, bronzing, eye makeup, different styles of makeup for various occasions including everyday makeup routines and more. This can be done in pairs, small groups or larger sessions.

Merium assists clients to stay updated one-to-one during a focused shopping tour and helps select the right products and pieces for each individual client and their day to day needs.

Merium uses her skills and experience to help clients realise their potential and works with people to define and achieve their goals. She encourages and supports clients to focus on building and honing their skills. She also provides a space for people to be creative and practise self-empowerment. The life coaching service helps motivate others to succeed in life.


Discover how CakeFace Makeup can help transform your life today.



Bridal makeup £300
Bridal hairstyling £150
Bridal trial £75
Bridesmaid makeup £50
Makeup tutorial £100
Life coaching session per hour £50
Personal fashion styling £50
Makeup workshop TBC
Special occasion makeup £75
Special occasion hairstyling £50
Film, Photograghy, TV makeup £250
Film, Photograghy, TV hairstyling £200
For any other enquiries relating to bespoke services, please contact us.



  • Merium has been my stylist and make up artist for over five years. During that time, her creativity, friendliness and the quality of her work have ensured that I keep going back to her again and again. I always feel like I have Merium's full attention, and fully trust her honest advice.



  • I've collaborated with CakeFace Makeup several times. The results were fabulous! Models continuously felt relaxed and beautiful, thanks to CakeFace Makeup's professionalism. I've also had my own makeup done for graduation, everyone loved the results and my photographs looked great because of it. Highly recommended!



  • Merium did my make up for a special occasion and I cannot recommend her enough! It was perfect, absolutely flawless and lasted all day with no re-application throughout the evening. Merium gives the CakeFace brand an unparalleled level of high quality.



  • I asked Cakeface Makeup to help me with my makeup for my belly dancing show and I was absolutely satisfied with her top notch advice. She showed me how to use brushes as to get the best effect, choosing the right eye liner and pencils and showing which colour would go best with my outfit. She's on top of everything.



  • Fabulous work by CakeFace. I feel glamorous and enjoy every moment of this luxury service. Will recommend to anyone who is looking for A* service.



  • Thank you so much Merium. You helped keep me calm. The hair and make up stayed really well. Thank you for everything!





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